Are Fall Festivals & Back-to-School Events the Key to Increasing Holiday Sales?

Keep Your Products Within Easy Mental and Physical Reach of Consumers This Season 

Gift Bag Contents of a Recent Luncheon

Gift Bag Contents of a Recent Luncheon

We all know children have short attention spans and (admit it) so do we adults. No matter how badly kids want something they see on TV or at the store, out of sight almost always means out of mind. This makes it (usually) easy to divert their attention from parent-unwanted purchases, but it also means the treat or toy they wanted in March isn't likely on their minds as the holidays approach--unless brands can trigger that desire again between September to December.

There are two predominant seasons for school and charity events--Spring and Fall--both very popular for galas, community festivals, and races. Fall events are timed perfectly for products to capture the attention of hundreds, even thousands, of eager participants in one place while they are deciding which companies are worthy of their dollars during the holidays. As a parent I have to prepare myself for back-to-back celebrations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa, and New Year's and will be buying, in larger-than-usual quantities, products I've tasted myself to be used as snacks, beverages, and gifts for party guests, hosts, friends, and family. How does a brand attract my attention and AFFORDABLY put product samples into the hands of the 150 million U.S. parents, a.k.a. potential customers, like me? Reach us en masse at back-to-school events, festivals, races, and other festive community gatherings this Fall.

What you'll be doing right:

  1. The "Delight Factor." Gifts and freebies are fun to receive. Intrusive ads are not. Investing in our audience and sending products for us all to try without commitment is an act of generosity we will remember. 
  2. Creating fans in the community. Whether I am at my child's school festival, a pediatric cancer nonprofit walk, or a humane society gala, I like to see brands that are driven just as much by their social impact as they are business profits. And I'm far from alone--according to the Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study, 2013“...91% of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause, given comparable price and quality.”

If families like what they try (and especially if you compel them with a coupon to buy more), chances are you'll be on their shopping lists for a long time. Clif Kidz, KIND, Mamma Chia, and SUJA Juice are some brands in my kitchen that did just that, on which our household alone has spent hundreds of dollars per brand, and we're just one of 100 million. Thousands of events like the Parent Connection's Fall Festival are happening soon, and we can't wait to taste and discover more products there!