Find Target Audiences at Social Good Events In Seconds


SamplingForGood enables brands of any size to align marketing and product sampling with corporate good.

Imagine having a network of 10,000 grassroots events each year at your fingertips. Tell our system who your target market is, and we'll tell you where they'll be.

With as-fast-as-you-can-deliver turnaround, you'll win-win by partnering with community leaders and influencers to get your products into the minds, hands, and hearts of their supporters. That's SamplingForGood.

Ideal for:

  • Sourcing events for product launches and IRL brand activations
  • Vetting and managing incoming product requests
  • Utilizing short-dated inventory for marketing benefit
  • Hyper-targeting retail zones by zip code
  • Direct access to hard-to-reach groups like PTA's and schools
  • Budget-conscious brands - DIY unlimited access is only 99/mo

SamplingForGood's DIY platform and seasonal blitzes provide the quick turnaround and event data you've been looking for. Start your free trial today, and we'll show you what you've been missing.


Using SamplingForGood Means:

Marketing = Goodwill
Sending products benefits local organizations and your brand

Saving Time & Money
Qualified events at your fingertips, potential tax deductions

Automated Alerts
Never miss an event that attracts your target customers


Straightforward Pricing
Choose from a platform subscription or seasonal bundles

Efficient Outreach
Engage hundreds to thousands of target consumers with each match


We've Matched generous brands with over 16k Events


Where are upcoming events?

We were getting literally dozens of requests a week. As we’ve grown, we’ve had to adjust the way we organize it. [SamplingForGood] has been a really good solution.
— Lucy Postins, Founder and CEO, The Honest Kitchen
Having a platform like this definitely makes my job easier. The quality of events that I’m getting connected with is great, and the people I’m meeting are priceless.
— Sam, Senior Marketing Manager, Uber
Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to your site. I would certainly use it again.
— Megan Licursi, Principal, Megan Licursi Marketing Communications